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JULY 1998

The agency had only been open a month and didn’t feel like a company yet. We were just a team of like-minded young people who wanted to become marketing professionals. For context, the economy was in crisis, large companies had enormous payroll debts and our potential clients thought marketing was a four-letter word. But we were dead set on proving to the skeptics (who were in the majority) that marketing was the way of the future. A healthy does of daring, willingness to work for success, boundless energy and workaholic habits helped us take huge strides toward our goal. Each new project felt like preparing for an exam that would bring us to the next level. But there was more than work: the long, enthusiastic evenings we all spent together, Frosya the Cat, who chose to lie across the top of the computer monitor during rush jobs and switch her tail and paws to keep us from working, challenging each other to play Age of Empires at night on the local network, and much, much more.

The work was hard, but fascinating.

Natalia Kozlova, Vice President for Management
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