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Top Russian Consulting Companies

28.10.2009 г.
The Market Agency is ranked #7 on the list of marketing firms among Top Russian Consulting Companies published in a special insert by the daily newspaper Kommersant

Marketing Lab Graduation Ceremony

24.09.2009 г.
The Marketing Lab held its fourth graduation ceremony on September З, 2009. The course, called “Market Research: theory and practice,” introduced students to the company’s daily operations and gave them invaluable experience working in a team on real projects. During the course students were apprenticed to some of the best marketing professionals in the industry, including Russia’s top business trainer Tatiana Matyushina and the company’s marketing specialists Maria Suslina and Yelena Ochkasova.

Russian IT-Market 2009: current situation and forecast

02.09.2009 г.
The Market Agency has released an overview of the current situation in the Russian IT-market with study results, expert commentary and development forecasts presented in an easy-to-read format. Access the complete overview here.

Salaries going up, but there’s no one to hire

13.08.2008 г.
Read an interview on the topic of salaries and hiring talent with The Market Agency’s CEO Andrei Davidovich in the August issue of the journal Business Talk. Events and PEOPLE

Marketing lab graduates

22.07.2008 г.
This month saw a new crop of students graduate from the Marketing Lab after completing a course called “Marketing Studies: practical applications.” According to program director Yelena Ochkasova, “I’ll remember this group of students for their curiosity. Working with them was extremely interesting.” All of the students earned certificates, and two of them – Dennis Ionov and Pavel Struzhanov – were given letters of recommendation to help in their job searches.

Through the lens with a smile

07.07.2008 г.
We’ve picked our best photographs for a show that’s guaranteed to make you smile!

Marketing Lab Students Get Hands-On Experience

01.07.2008 г.
Marketing Lab Students Get Hands-On Experience Navigating bureaucracy, accessing credit, getting insurance and Russia joining the WTO – those are just a few of the issues facing small and medium-sized businesses that the Marketing Lab’s students studied as their final project. The future marketing professionals did most of the research on their own, but their experienced mentor Yelena Ochkasova was always on hand to offer advice.


Alternative Financing Opportunities for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

05.06.2008 г.
In preparation for the third Moscow Business Forum on financing, credit and insurance for small business at the end of March, we held a survey to find out just how much entrepreneurs already know about the special programs and alternative opportunities that are available to help finance their projects. Our survey asked the heads of 250 companies listed in the registry of small businesses in Moscow that are competitive in the inter-regional and international markets.

Studying New Markets

20.05.2008 г.
New markets always attract businesses with promises of new opportunities for growth. How can businesses avoid being the moth that hit the flame? It is vital to identify the markets with the most potential and evaluate advantages and risks of entering them, but how does that analysis start? “I See Land!” by Natalia Kozlova, Vice President for Management at the Market Agency, describes the key approaches for answering these questions and more. The article was originally published in the journal Managing Companies 05 (№84) 2008.

Dengi Names Russia’s Top 100 Consulting Companies

07.05.2008 г.
For years in a row, the Market Agency has been listed among the 100 largest consulting companies in Russia by the magazine Dengi (published by Kommersant). According to the magazine’s results, we are in 77th place, up from 90th place last year.

Agency Holds First Photography Exhibition

17.04.2008 г.
“The World in Our Eyes”, an exhibition of photographs taken by the Market Agency’s employees, opened at the agency to celebrate the 35th birthday of Andrei Davidovich, whose photography inspired the show’s organizers.

Welcome to our new site!

28.03.2008 г.
With the end of the decade in sight, we decided to make an objective assessment of our growth strategy and review many elements of our marketing system. This updated site is just one result of that work. We’ve implemented other serious innovations, as well, including new consulting products and improvements to how we serve clients. You can learn more about the changes right here on our site!

Marketing Lab Reopens for Upper-Level University Students

22.02.2008 г.
Our Marketing Lab has reopened its doors to upper-level university students. We recently released the results of the creative competition and interviewed the top candidates. Not surprisingly, there were many more candidates than there were openings to take part in the marketing lab, a program that gives students a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience before graduating with degrees in the popular fields of market researchers, market analysts, brand managers and market research specialists. Our agency established the Marketing Lab as a nonprofit project targeted at giving students the practical market research, analysis, branding and advertising skills that are very much in demand today.

Market Agency Reports on Russian Market Research for RBW

09.01.2008 г.
When you talk to American businesspeople and managers, you often hear the opinion that Russia doesn’t have any real marketing and therefore it can’t have any qualified market research studies. To find out whether or not that is true, read “Market Research in Russia”, an article by the Market Agency’s Vice President for Research Tatiana Matyushina for Russia Business Watch, a publication of the American-Russian Business Council.

Thoughts on Mystery Shopping in the December Issue of Company Management

27.12.2007 г.
Mystery shopping is a versatile marketing instrument that many companies use. Natalia Kozlova, Vice President for Management of the Market Agency, covers mystery shopping as a marketing tool in “Mystery Shoppers Speak,” an article published in the December issue of Company Management.

Conference: Marketing Commercial Real Estate – How to increase a property’s profitability

09.11.2007 г.
Maria Suslina, Head of Research at the Market Agency, was a presenter at the Marketing Commercial Real Estate conference, organized by LBS International Conferences and held in Moscow November 7-8, 2007. Conference organizers were enthusiastic about Maria’s presentation, calling her one of the most interesting and professional presenters at the conference.

Tatiana Matyushina Presents Paper at 5th School for Professional Development

19.10.2007 г.
Marketing studies, project feasibility and evaluating sites for future shopping centers – these are just a few of the issues addressed in a course offered by the 5th School of Professional Development for specialists in the shopping center and retail chain segments. The course was held in Moscow in October 2007. Among the instructors, leading specialists from the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, the U.S., Italy and Russia, was Tatiana Matyushina, Vice President for Research of the Market Agency, who presented a paper entitled “Shopping Center Branding: innovating and traditional marketing instruments.”

The Market Agency Joins American-Russian Business Council

18.09.2007 г.
The American-Russian Business Council is a nonprofit trade association representing the interests of its 300 member companies. The goal of the Council is to expand and strengthen commercial ties between Russia and the United States, establish favorable conditions in the Russian market and integrate Russia into the global economy.

Investment Passport of the Ozyory Area, Moscow Region

08.08.2007 г.
We have successfully completed a project on drawing-up of “Investment Passport of the Ozyory Area, Moscow Region”.

Communicate with us via Skype

07.08.2007 г.
Now you can communicate with us via Skype. Our name is agency_market.
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