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The largest Russian consulting groups and companies

11.10.2004 г.
As per the results of the Federal integrated rating between consulting companies compiled by UNIPRAVEX Information and Rating Agency on the basis of the results for the first half of 2004, Market Research & Management Consulting Agency “Market” increased its rating index and was recognized as a financially-stable company ranking among the largest Russian consulting groups and companies.

Research on the Moscow regional market of yachting services

30.09.2004 г.
Market Research & Management Consulting Agency “Market” completed a research on the Moscow regional market of yachting services (yacht-clubs).

Research on the market of household electric tools

23.09.2004 г.
Market Research & Management Consulting Agency “Market” successfully completed a research project on the market of household electric tools used for repair and construction.

Now we are members of ProUnion-Goup

02.09.2004 г.
Market Research & Management Consulting Agency “Market” is now a stockholder and member of an international Holding called ProUnion-Goup recently established to render consulting support to state, public, professional and commercial organizations from EC, CIS, as well as from Asia and Latin America.

Middle and small company crediting program

17.08.2004 г.
Andrey Davidovich, General Director of Market Research & Management Consulting Agency “Market”, comments on the initiative of one of the biggest Russian banks to implement middle and small company crediting program. (Financial Director, № 7-8, 2004. Article titled «Vneshagrobank realizes new crediting program»).

Komsomolsk-on-Amur consumer market

09.08.2004 г.
The experts of Agency “Market” completed a large research project on the Komsomolsk-on-Amur consumer market. The study was carried out with the purpose of planning the net of retail outlets.

Target audience of business periodicals

03.08.2004 г.
Agency Market completed the research on the Moscow target audience of business periodicals.

Method of displaying bad mood flags

12.07.2004 г.
Andrey Davidovich, Director General of Agency “Market”, gave an interview for a popular broadcast called «People’s news» at Autoradio, where he offered original and simple way of struggling colleagues’ petulance, namely, the method of displaying bad mood flags. The above mentioned variant of avoiding conflict situations was appreciated by the Autoradio presenters, who immediately started using it in their radio station team.

Mutually-beneficial cooperation with Informanaliz

22.06.2004 г.
Market Research & Management Consulting Agency “Market” and the “Informanaliz” company agreed on the mutually-beneficial cooperation in the field of marketing investigations. We believe this agreement will become the foundation of successful and long-term relation.

Anti-Corruption Symposium

15.06.2004 г.
Andrey Davidovich, the Director General of Agency “Market”, took part in the Anti-Corruption Symposium held in Moscow on June 11 – 13, 2004 within the range of the “Next Steps” programme of the Center for Citizens Initiatives. In the course of the meeting Andrey Davidovich was elected a member of the committee of directors of anti-corruption association called «Chestnoye Delo», which will be registered and started up soon. From the American side John Pepper, just retired CEO of Procter & Gamble, agreed to become a co-chairman of the Association. As for the Russian side, Vladimir Pozner, the author and presenter of the “Vremena” broadcast, the President of the Russian Television Academy, was offered to become the second co-chairman.

Andrey Davidovich about the market of luxury-type products

26.05.2004 г.
One more comment of our pundits to RBC Daily, an authoritative on-line edition. Andrey Davidovich, the Director General, expresses his expert opinion on the market of luxury-type products.

Top Russian consulting groups

19.04.2004 г.
Market Research & Management Consulting Agency “Market” is among the top Russian consulting groups again. For this once – according to the authoritative Rating Agency "Expert".

Rating of leading Russian consulting companies

06.04.2004 г.
An authoritative business weekly called "Kommersant - Dengy" has published the rating of leading Russian consulting companies according to the results of 2003. Agency "Market" proved its status again – we entered the list of top 100 largest special firms of this country and the list of top 10 companies specializing in marketing consulting.

Andrey Davidovich speaks on corruption reduction problems

29.03.2004 г.
Andrey Davidovich, The Director General of Agency “Market”, took part in a Vladimir Pozner’s author broadcast “Vremena” (The Times) (ORT, 28.03.04) that was devoted to corruption reduction problems. Along with some other participants of the program Andrey Davidovich told about his visit to the USA, where the delegation had meetings with the representatives of American political and business elite. More detailed information on the visit and on the results of the meetings is coming soon.

“Market” has got an official Microsoft Certified Partner status

04.03.2004 г.
It gives us great pleasure to inform you about our new success. “Market” has got an official Microsoft Certified Partner status. We are pleased to know that the world’s foremost software engineering company acknowledged our Agency as its official partner.

Russian leading consulting firms

27.02.2004 г.
As per the integrated rating devoted to the Russian leading consulting firms that was compiled by “Unipravex”, information and analytical company, Agency “Market” has been rated high again.

List of top Russian marketing and PR consulting companies

24.02.2004 г.
According to Rating Agency “Expert”, “Market” has entered once again into the list of leading Russian companies specializing in marketing and PR consulting.

Poll on the Saint Valentine’s Day

16.02.2004 г.
”Regnum” Research Agency released the results of the poll conducted by our Agency on the eve of the Saint Valentine’s Day in Moscow.

Rent as a way of product promotion

11.02.2004 г.
"Rent Before Sale?" or when rent is becoming a way of product promotion. Among others Market’s experts express their opinion on the matter in the “Kompaniya” weekly.

Situation within the Russian beer market

26.01.2004 г.
The experts of Agency “Market” comment on the situation within the Russian beer market.
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