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Irina Suvorova 2004-2006, Market Researcher, the Market Agency

Presently Senior Marketing Specialist,
ST Group Region

Today I am Senior Marketing Specialist at ST Group Region, a construction investment company, but my career started when I worked with the Market Agency.

Most importantly, I became more confident about myself and my skills. And there’s no doubt that working on the agency’s projects taught me many new things and forced me to develop analytic and business communication skills. But most importantly, I learned to plan and follow through on my plans, as well as how to order my priorities at work and in the rest of my life.

Today I am in charge of serious projects that I am heavily invested in. The praise and promotions I receive from my superiors are proof of that. And who doesn’t like to be praised?

It’s wonderful to think back to the warm friendships I had with my colleagues at the Market Agency. Everyone helped everyone else. Every person helped in his or her own way, but my immediate supervisors, Maria Subbotina and Natalia Kozlova, did the most to make me a better professional. I will always be grateful to them for that.
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