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Kirill Grigoriev 2000-2002, Research Manager, the Market Agency

Presently Senior Analyst,
Business Rating Agency

Today I work at Business Rating, a marketing consulting agency in Moscow that specializes in serving industrial companies in the В2В sector. I am a Senior Analyst focused on quantitative B2B research.

At the Market Agency, I gained the basic skills of research and analysis. The knowledge I gained there laid a foundation for my success as head of marketing for a wholesale company. By developing what I had learned, I was able to perform analysis and offer independent consulting services.

The one person who had the greatest effect on my growth at the Market Agency was my immediate supervisor, Tatiana Matyushina. I also gained tremendous practical skills by working with Anton Revenko, who was in charge of field studies.

The thing I remember most about the agency was participating in large quantitative and qualitative field studies, which helped me understand the mechanisms for collecting, processing and analyzing information.
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