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Retail potential of Kaliningrad

Aleksey Bibichev, the Executive Director of Agency “Market”, made a presentation at the seminar titled “Retail potential of Kaliningrad. The “Wester” company as a complex partner”.

In July 21 a seminar was held by the Russian Council of Shopping Centers in Kaliningrad on the initiative of the “Wester” Group of companies. The seminar aimed at establishment of partner relations between “Wester” and trading companies. During the first part of the event the participants visited operating shopping centers, namely: “Mayak”, “Wester”, “City - centre”, their demonstration took place in the course of the seminar. The presentation of a new shopping center was conducted by Aleksey Bibichev, the Executive Director of Agency “Market”, jointly with Oleg Voitsekhovsky, the Managing Director of the Russian Council of Shopping Centers. The presentation was devoted to marketing substantiation of projects (the research was carried out by Agency “Market” in January – February 2005) and to presentation of a commercial and technological concept and draft of a future shopping and recreational center.
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