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Marketing and Research – 2006: Analysis of marketing activity effectiveness

The experts of Agency “Market” took part in the VI Annual National Conference “Marketing and Research – 2006: Analysis of marketing activity effectiveness», which was held in June 9-10 in Moscow in Golden Ring, a hotel complex. The organizer of the event was the Marketing and Marketing Research magazine (Grebennikov Publishing House).
Among the participants of the conference were company directors, marketing department managers and staff from both Russian and foreign companies, experts from leading marketing and consulting firms.

The main tasks, which the participants would have to tackle, were: how to make the work of marketing departments the most efficient, i.e. the work that would meet modern requirements and enable to financial success of companies.

Different variants of analysis of company marketing activity effectiveness and of loyalty programs, as well as other pressing problems of modern marketing were offered for consideration. In particular, a question of cooperation between marketing and sales departments was touched upon. As each of them quite often works in its own direction, moreover a kind of competition emerges between them, though both of them work for the success of one and the same business. One of the reasons for such situations, which were mentioned by the presenters, is that company top managers do not understand completely what for a marketing department is needed, which tasks it should solve and how to plan its work so that to get maximum return.

It is possible to assess marketing effectiveness through audit. Tatiana Matyushina, the deputy General Director of Agency “Market”, told in her presentation how to plan and conduct marketing audit in a company. The principal idea of T.Matyushina is that the marketing department of a company can fulfill almost all work on its own. Another variant is outsourcing, i.e. getting of an external consulting company.

The topics touched upon were actively discussed by the participants of the conferees both in the process of work and during the breaks.

Within the range of the conference there was arranged a round-table titled "The end of Marketing… or marketing and financial result of a company activity", which resulted in lively discussion.
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