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Greetings to all our marketing-minded colleagues!

How do I know who you are? It’s easy. The sheer fact that you are visiting our site indicates that you have a professional interest in marketing.

Why do I call you marketing-minded? Because I believe that marketing is more than the science of selling – it’s a highly sophisticated way of thinking that helps companies envisage their future success and translate it into today’s marketing strategies.

For almost ten years we have helped Russian and international companies become marketing-minded with our professional market research and consulting services. We give clients a clear, unbiased look at the market and the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. Their success is our success.

When we reached the ten-year mark, we decided to turn our approach around and analyze our agency’s development strategy and take a fresh look out our marketing system. The updated Market Agency site is one result of that process. We’ve introduced other significant innovations, as well, including new consulting products and improvements to how we service clients. To learn more about these changes, read on.

Let’s get to know each other so we can share opinions, ask tough questions and work through marketing problems together. After all, people who share the marketing mindset always understand each other!

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