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JUNE 2008...10 years in the consulting market

Andrei Davidovich, Founder and CEO, the Market Agency:
"We decided to turn our approach around and analyze our agency’s development strategy and take a fresh look out our marketing system. The updated Market Agency site is one result of that process. We’ve introduced other significant innovations, as well, including new consulting products and improvements to how we service clients. To learn more about these changes, read on." More...

10 years in the consulting market 

Maria Gurova CEO, Mall Expertise & Consulting: "Congratulations to the team at Market! Your talent and hard work have made the Market Agency a leader in the Russian research and consulting market and one of the largest full-service marketing agencies in the country!" More...

Anastasia Ushakova, Independent Marketing and Advertising Consultant: "Ten years is a long time for a company in the services market. I suppose that’s another “seal of quality”. To my favorite research company: you have my sincerest congratulations, and I wish you many more years of success." More...

Valdemar Baraulja CEO, Waldemar Baraulja Projekte West-Ost: "The Market Agency celebrates ten years in business this year. For over half that time, our two companies have worked together successfully and carried out several dozen projects." More...

Valery Solodky Market Researcher Apriori Regional Information Agency: "We have worked with the Market Agency for years because we are confident in its reliability and stability, as well as its fidelity to its core principles of professionalism, dependability and caring for clients." More...

Zhanna Novoselova, Head of Marketing for SKB-Kontur: "Congratulations to the Market Agency! May you have many more years of creativity and success! I am confident that whenever we need a consultant to perform market research studies we will continue working with the Market Agency."
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