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Galina Stryukova 2000-2004, Head of Field Studies, the Market Agency

Presently Vice President for Commerce,
Watch Media Publisher

Today I am Vice President for Commerce at Watch Media Publisher, which publishes specialized journals about watches.

What did I learn by working at the Market Agency? First of all, I finally learned how to spell “agency.” But seriously, working at the Market Agency really toughened me up. I learned how to talk to people from all walks of life and how to lead successful negotiations. I also learned to be organized, work under stressful conditions and make decisions quickly. To tell you the truth, the Market Agency is a wonderful school where, given the desire, you can learn tremendously.

Because it was such a small team, everyone had to pitch in to help – some with professional advice, others with kind words to keep people’s mood up. In terms of specific people, I would like to thank Natalia Kozlova (who is now Vice President for Management), who brought me to the agency so I could “just help them out for a bit.” Eventually I went from being a temporary hire to a full-time employee of the Field Study Department. I also have to mention Tatiana Matyushina. She was a wonderful teacher of marketing and a very charming, intelligent person. Anton Revenko was my first supervisor and I learned a great deal about field studies from him. And of course, there was Andrei Davidovich (the company’s heart, soul and brain), whose extremely high standards forced us to become as hard as steel. I would also like to thank Alexei Bibichev, Tatiana and Vladimir Goremykin, Yulia Drok, the Rogova sisters, Yelena Pastukhova and everyone else I worked with at the Market Agency.

I also have to credit the Market Agency with helping me find my soul mate – I’ve never regretted that decision for a moment and hope I never will.
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