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APRIL 2002

I came here as a freshman in college when the Market Agency was hiring students. I really wanted to be in the research department, but for some reason they put me in field work. I decided to do that for a while to gain experience and then transfer to research.

At first the work seemed very chaotic. There was always a bunch of people in the office and it wasn’t always clear who did what and why we had to do certain things. Even so, I could tell that the team was learning. People were always coming up with new ways to get information and new research methods. It took me a long time to get used to talking all the time – with interviewers, experts, other employees. When I came to colleagues with questions (and that happened a lot at the beginning when I was inexperienced), nobody ever turned me down. They were always happy to share their experience and knowledge with me.

Yelena Pastukhova, Senior Manager, Field Study Department
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