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JUNE 1998

I was a senior professor teaching marketing and strategic management at a local college. I had two good students who were obsessed with studying marketing, and a number of local companies asked them to help set up marketing systems from scratch. In other words, the right people came together in the right place at the right time. In Russia, that happens all the time. We decided to go for it.

To be honest, back in 1998 I envisioned the Market Agency as a small, almost family business where two or three people could earn butter for their bread. But in just a few years, the company had 30 employees and several subsidiaries. The business was much more complicated and more interesting than what we had planned. We were scared and elated. It felt like going skydiving! We attacked work that lots of people had never heard of before, but everything went just right! We were motivated to learn everything the world had to offer in the field of market research, and we had to learn it quickly. We read piles of books. We soaked up professional terminology like sponges. We sought out colleagues from other companies in order to discuss what we were learning.

I remember three things about the agency’s first year:

  • Constantly looking for new clients (you can imagine what that involved)
  • Working round the clock on client projects (when the first clients appeared)
  • Fantastic and straightforward conversations with colleagues – at night, on holidays, at picnics, wherever! We were burning with enthusiasm and couldn’t wait to share ideas with each other. Obviously we were still pretty young and bursting with energy …

While I never gave up teaching (these days I hold seminars as a business trainer), every aspect of my life is still built on two pillars – marketing and the Market Agency.

Tatiana Matyushina, Founder and Vice President for Research , the Market Agency

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