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The country was in financial crisis and times were hard. The Market Agency opened its doors right before the August financial crisis, so our first few months were harder than expected. There were times when our idealism beat its head against the reality of economic monotony. One day my mother confronted me and asked whether I could actually earn money doing what I was doing. My voice didn’t sound confident, but I had sincere hopes. I said, “Of course!” And I was right!

Back then lots of my friends didn’t understand what the company did. Today, the Market Agency is one of the best in Russia. At the time, however, I had to do a lot of explaining about what marketing is and why companies need it. I also had to turn away lots of people who thought I should use my company as a front for money-laundering. We raised eyebrows, but we didn’t care. We were on our way to a bright future for marketing in Russia, picking up experience and knowledge, training employees and learning to maximize our respect for and benefit to the client.

I have always believed in success. I am confident that the Market Agency will go on to become a company with a century of history in the business and make an important contribution to the history of entrepreneurship in the new Russia. I still believe, just like I did in 1998, that our clients, partners, colleagues and friends will be proud of us. In turn, we will bring them new understanding of the market and the positive emotions that come from honest partnership. As well as respect and love...

Andrei Davidovich, Founder and CEO, the Market Agency
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