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What can a business plan feasibility study focus on?

1. The Market

  • Market volume (consumption volume)
  • Production indicators (production volume, capacity, etc.)
  • Import/export data (shipping volumes, senders/receivers, etc.)
  • Market trends
  • Impact of macro- and micro-economic factors on the market, SWOT analysis
  • Barriers to entry

2. Your Competitors

  • Key players
  • News
  • Company and competitor market share
  • Competitors’ financial and production indicators
  • Information on pricing and terms offered by competitors

3. Consumers

  • Number of consumers (target audience size)
  • Consumer characteristics (who they are, where they are from, what they do, etc.)
  • Consumers’ media preferences
  • Evaluation of consumers’ satisfaction level, consumer evaluations of product quality, level of service

4. Planned means for promoting products/services

  • Distribution channels, ways to stimulate them
  • Pricing policy
  • Channels, media and means of communicating with contact audiences
  • Communications goals for the planning period
  • Projected marketing budget
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