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What do you receive at the end of the project?

You get a two-part document that includes:

1. Feasibility study for the new product/brand:

  • Evaluation of market volume and potential sales forecast for the new brand
  • Market segmentation and supported selection of target market segment(s)
  • Evaluation of consumer numbers and patterns in the target market segments
  • Explanation of the consumption behavior of target consumers (motivational basis, factors influencing choice, ideal brand image, most effective marketing stimuli, etc.);
  • Analysis of target consumers’ price expectations
  • Analysis of the competition in target market segments (positioning of competing brands, their image, weaknesses and strengths), ways to create competitive advantages for the new brand
  • Description of existing distribution systems, selling forms and procedures

2. Strategic platform for the new brand:

  • Brand mission (main idea) and development goals
  • Detailed description of the target audience for the new brand, including psychological and behavioral specifics
  • Unique Sales Proposal (USP) – what sets the new brand apart and determines its unique competitive advantages
  • Brand individuality (value) – the brand’s ability to correspond with those key personality traits of the target consumer that he/she sees as defining him/her as an individual
  • Brand positioning strategy – the brand’s specific position in the market and its desired image with consumers, as well as the tools for attaining that image
  • Recommendations on developing brand attributes (name, trademark, color and style identity, etc.)
  • Recommendations on a strategic set of marketing tools (the product’s functional and consumer properties, recommended price, distribution channels, selling forms, service level, etc.)
  • Concept for integrated marketing communications – consumer relationship strategy, means of promoting the brand
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