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When is a marketing audit appropriate?

An independent marketing system audit is beneficial in the following circumstances:

  • You are not satisfied with sales volumes and profitability, but you don’t know how to fix things
  • You want to review your company’s business strategy
  • Your competitors are advancing while your company is running in place (and you suspect that marketing is at fault)
  • Your top managers can’t agree on a development plan for your marketing system
  • You are ready to invest in a sizeable marketing project and want to reduce the market and organizational risks.

What can an independent marketing audit do for you?

  • Opportunity for an objective review of your business
  • Find holes in your marketing system that can be fixed without significant investment (such as improvements to your system for managing existing sales personnel)
  • Develop an optimized organizational plan for managing your company’s marketing services
  • Find strategically significant opportunities for your business (for example, market segments where there is unsatisfied solvent demand)
  • Adjust vital business processes in the sphere of marketing, such as marketing planning
  • Compare your company with successful competitors and apply their marketing experience;
  • Evaluate the actual returns on investments in advertising, branding, market research, create CRM systems, etc.
  • Create a schedule of logically linked steps to adapt your business (to a new strategy, entry into a new market, etc.)
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