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What can a B2B marketing study focus on?

1. The market
- Market volume (volume of consumption)
- Production indicators (volume of production, capacity, etc.)
- Import/export data (shipping volumes, senders/receivers, etc.)
- Market trends
- Impact of macro- and micro-economic factors
- SWOT analysis
- Barriers to entry

2. Competition
- Identifying key players
- News
- Company and competitor market share
- Economic and production indicators for competitors
- Information on pricing and terms offered by competitors

3. Consumers
- Number of consumers (target audience size)
- Consumer characteristics (who they are, where they are from, what they do, etc.)
- Behavior patters: factors that affect the choice of supplier/product, specific features of purchasing
- Consumers’ media preferences
- Evaluation of consumers’ satisfaction level, consumer evaluations of product quality, level of service

4. Product/Brand
- Brand familiarity
- Level of use for product, brand
- Brand image
- Brand loyalty
- Developing strategic brand platform (mission, USP, brand individuality/personality, target audience, positioning)
- Testing elements of strategic brand platform, attributes
- Brand/product competitiveness
- Brand/production positioning (developing positioning maps, including perceptual maps)
- Impressions of a product’s value, functionality and consumer properties
- Evaluating products and product portfolios using the Kano model
- Consumers’ readiness to pay for added value
- Directions for production improvement
- Analyzing how balanced a company’s product portfolio is
- Evaluating the level of demand and demand elasticity at the given price

5. Marketing Communications
- Determining the most effective channels, media and means of communicating with contact audiences; target audience profiling (determining the quantitative-qualitative characteristics of campaign objects)
- Auditoriums (for corporate, industry and specialized media)
- Expert analysis of a promotion campaign’s communications and creative platforms (pre-testing, post-testing)
- Evaluating the target contact audience’s information needs
- Testing specific advertising formats
- Evaluating the communications effectiveness of promotion campaigns (brand recognition aspects, attribute retention, message comprehension, motivation potential, image, etc.)
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