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Marketing Lab Reopens for Upper-Level University Students

Our Marketing Lab has reopened its doors to upper-level university students. We recently released the results of the creative competition and interviewed the top candidates. Not surprisingly, there were many more candidates than there were openings to take part in the marketing lab, a program that gives students a unique opportunity to gain valuable work experience before graduating with degrees in the popular fields of market researchers, market analysts, brand managers and market research specialists. Our agency established the Marketing Lab as a nonprofit project targeted at giving students the practical market research, analysis, branding and advertising skills that are very much in demand today.

Awards ceremony for graduates of the first Marketing Lab session
(“Marketing studies and their practical application”)
Session: July 2, 2007 through December 25, 2007


Yekaterina Sapolnovskaya receives certificate
Yekaterina Sapolnovskaya
receives certificate
Marketing lab graduates
Marketing lab graduates, left to right:
Y. Sapolnovskaya, O. Desyatkina,
V. Maslova, K. Zorikoyeva
 Andrey Davidovich (Market Agency CEO) with Olga Desyatkina and Yekaterina Sapolnovskaya
Andrey Davidovich (Market Agency CEO) with
 Olga Desyatkina and Yekaterina Sapolnovskaya
  Graduates with their supervisors and teachers from the Marketing Lab
Graduates with their supervisors and
teachers from the Marketing Lab

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