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International Seafood Forum

Agency “Market” took part in International Seafood Forum Russia 2005 held in June 14-15 within the range of the second international exhibition Seafood Russia 2005.
The international forum gathered top managers of Russian and foreign enterprises and companies operating in the industry was one of the significant events for the participants of the fish and seafood market.

The representatives of the Primorsky Territory, of the Kamchatka region spoke about today’s state of fish industry in Russia and about the development prospects of the industry, about innovation techniques, specifically, about foundation of a system of sea biotechnological parks on the Far Eastern coast, which will allow both to increase the volume of bio-products and bio-resource recovery.

The presentation concerning the volume of import of fish and seafood, as well as concerning the main suppliers of such products was given by Tatiana Matyushina, the deputy General Director of Market Research & Management Consulting Agency “Market”. Many foreign companies, whose products sell within the Russian market, were interested in the data concerning the leading importing countries. The native producers showed interest in marketing research on the local markets.

The detailed reports on the seafood markets of Ukraine, Spain, Peru were given by representatives of these states, thanks to them Russian entrepreneurs could appreciate the opportunities for cooperation.

Quality improvement and increase in the volume of final products, trends on the market of packing materials, marketing in the field of product promotion were the questions under consideration during the conference, i.e. all possible problems of the seafood market were touched upon.

Besides the Forum, the participants could keep on communicating at the exhibition Seafood Russia 2005.
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