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We have worked with the Market Agency for years because we are confident in its reliability and stability, as well as its fidelity to its core principles of professionalism, dependability and caring for clients.

In everything it does, the Market Agency demonstrates that it places client needs above all else. You can see that dedication in the energy with which the agency’s specialists and managers, specifically Tatiana Goremykina, search out ways to promote clients’ operations in new regions. The same focus on clients can also be seen in how the Market Agency protects the confidentiality and security of client information.

Finally, for me as a researcher, the most significant benefit to working with the Market Agency is the reliability and depth of the agency’s results. In order to ensure the effectiveness of its research, the Market Agency uses a combination of research methods, from traditional sociological studies and focus groups to active participant observation and impact during project development and marketing communications using a wide array of PR techniques. In addition to demonstrating their own competence and universal expertise in applying a wide variety of methods, the agency’s specialists, including Goremykina and others, confidently turn to local experts and researchers throughout the country, trusting them to perform as local partners while closely supervising them to ensure that the end client’s needs are met. As a regional partner of the Market Agency, we are always pleased to see how meticulous and reliable the agency is in meeting its financial and informational obligations.

Throughout all the projects the Market Agency has carried out with the Apriori Regional Information Agency (Orenburg), every member of the agency’s very demanding team has demonstrated the utmost respect for its contractual obligations. I have to admit it was flattering that the Market Agency chose my research group from among all the potential regional partners it thoroughly vets in the Orenburg region.

In light of the serious nature of the work, I am always pleasantly surprised by how easygoing, confident and optimistic the Market Agency’s team members are. They make communication easier and create a friendly atmosphere in which teamwork can flourish. I have no doubt that these are the key factors behind the Market Agency’s reputation as a reliable and effective partner that can be trusted over the long term. I wish the agency’s current and future partners and clients the same wonderful experience I have had.

Valery Solodky
Market Researcher
Apriori Regional Information Agency
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