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Congratulations to the team at Market! Your talent and hard work have made the Market Agency a leader in the Russian research and consulting market and one of the largest full-service marketing agencies in the country!

You are true professionals with a solution to any problem! Your attentive, highly qualified managers are always in the know. I am confident that my employees can call you day or night and get the support and quick consultations they need. Everybody at Mall Expertise & Consulting agrees that the Market Agency should be proud of its people!

To your partners, the Market Agency is first and foremost the people we talk to over the course of projects, the people who help us attain results. Your people make working with Market a pleasure. We value your quality work on projects, your dedication to meeting deadlines and your creative approach to finding solutions! You take care of your clients and partners. We have trusted you with our business for years because you put your clients’ interests above all else and reliably fulfill your obligations. We are proud to say that the Market Agency is a true friend to our company!

We value the Market Agency for your high quality standards, the wide array of services you offer, your extremely professional staff, your knowledgeable managers and the dedication to hard work of everyone at the agency! To the young, energetic team at the Market Agency: we wish you all success!

Maria Gurova
CEO, Mall Expertise & Consulting
Rambler's Top100
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