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Direct Catalogue Service - analysis of the effectiveness of an advertising campaign in the regions
Period: March-June 2008


Research on players in local real estate services markets
Period: September-October 2007  

CJSC Dominanta-Service – study of the Russian market for topical medicinal salves
Period: February - April 2006


Study of the Moscow market for yacht club services
Period: July - September 2006

Study of the market for additional services in mobile communications
Period: March - May 2004

Fasko, Ltd – Comprehensive marketing study of the Russian market for packaged fertilizer and potting soil
Period: February - May 2003


Marketing study of home improvement consumers
Period: December 2002 - January 2003 

Marketing study of Jackpot gaming parlor clients in Moscow
Period: December 2002

Marketing study of potential purchasers of cars made by JSC AvtoVAZ
Period: August 2002

Marketing study of beer drinkers
Period: July 2002

Marketing study of users of photo services
Period: July 2002

Marketing study of the Moscow regional television audience
Period: April - May 2002

CJSC Skhodnenskaya Furniture Factory – study to ascertain and analyze customer opinions on the advertisement in development
Period: July - August 2001


ERGODATA – marketing study of retail customers buying blank CD’s
Period: February 2001


Marketing study of the Moscow and Moscow region markets for packaged soil blends containing peat
Period: January - February 2001

Marketing study of the local market for services to hook up subscribers to the public telephone network
Period: May - October 2001

Marketing study of the local cable television market in the City of Mytishchi
Period: November - December 2000

Comprehensive analysis of the national and international ice cream markets
Period: December - January 1999

Study of key competitors for JSC Kolomensky Khladokombinat
Period: March - May 1999

JSC Tyumenskaya Neftyanaya Kompaniya – measuring traffic at projected and existing fueling stations in European Russia and Siberia
Period: 1999 - 2001


Marketing study of the market for mineral and sparkling water in Moscow and the Moscow region
Period: September - October 2000

Holding Company TERRA-IPK – nationwide survey to ascertain potential demand for a new product
Period: January 2000


Marketing study of the paint and varnish market
Period: March - April 2000

CJSC Kommersant Publishers – consumer preferences in the tabloid and TV guide market, targeted at developing the concept for a new periodical
Period: December 1999 - January 2000


CJSC Kommersant Publishers – quantitative marketing study of the purchase and consumption of publications analogous to a new planned publication
Period: December 1999 - January 2000


CJSC Kommersant Publishers – determining the three most popular articles published in the most recent issues of Itogi, Profile and Vlast between May 29 and June 16, 2000
Period: May - June 2000


Podmoskovye Publishers – ascertaining the factors driving the popularity of the publications Podmoskovye and Podmoskovniye Izvestiya; determining the target reader profile; collecting and analyzing readers’ opinions of the two publications
Period: July 1999


Marketing study of target consumers of products for newborns
Period: June 1999

Marketing study of the market for photo services (printing) in Kolomna
Period: February - March 1999

Yat' newspaper - Ascertaining Kolomna residents’ preferences for local periodicals; ascertaining and analyzing readers’ interest in various columns in Yat’ newspaper; collecting readers’ complaints and suggestions for the newspaper Yat’.
Period: January - February 1999

Ascertaining and analyzing solvent demand for existing, modified and planned models of automobiles produced by JSC GAZ
Period: 1999

Ascertaining key trends of post-crisis (post-1998) development in the candy market
Period: December 1998

Marketing study of the dental services market in Kolomna; segmentation of the market; ascertaining target client groups for the Kommus clinic; evaluating the dental clinic’s image and competitiveness
Period: October 1998

Marketing study of chocolate consumers during development of a packaging concept for a new type of chocolate
Period: September 1998

Study of the candy market in the Moscow region
Period: November 2001 - January 2002

Ascertaining clients’ attitudes about Express-Taxi; collecting consumer attitudes toward the company’s services
Period: September - October 1998
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