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Anna Sedykh 1999-2002, Senior Manager, the Market Agency

Presently Financial Director,
Narodnaya Mebel – Anastasia

I am the Financial Director at a management company called Narodnaya Mebel – Anastasia that owns a chain of furniture stores.

Before the Market Agency, I had worked for over five years as an accountant. When you’re an accountant, you have to be able to work with numbers, smooth over conflicts with bureaucrats in the tax office and teach company managers about the limitations the law places on them. Unfortunately, when you’re an accountant you don’t see the business from the other side and understand how it interacts with customers, partners and government agencies, and you have to understand the whole picture in order to grow professionally. That is why I accepted the Market Agency’s offer to lead their office in Moscow.

Working with the professional team at the agency gave me invaluable practical experience organizing marketing research and consulting, working with clients and studying the problems of selling various goods and services. I use the knowledge and skills I gained at the Market Agency in my life and my work, and I couldn’t even tell you how it happened. It seemed to happen naturally.

Andrei Davidovich and Tatiana Matyushina were my mentors at the Market Agency. I appreciate greatly their ability to explain complicated ideas using simple terms and motivate a team to work together effectively. My fondest memories are of the field work I did at the Market Agency.
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