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The Cat
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Cats, unless they are solely philosophical beings, have been known to work. Some of them join the circus. Others traditionally earn their keep catching mice. There are lots of cats like that, but when was the last time you met a cat that was interested in marketing?
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Frosya. I was given that simple name as a kitten, but I assure you, I am a highly intelligent animal.
Marketing (that lovely, mysterious word!) came into my life a long time ago, in 1998. I was just two years old when Tatiana Matyushina (my person) and her partner founded the Market Agency. I didn’t learn marketing from books or studies or the miles of statistics I strolled over. Back in those distant and difficult times, the company’s office was located in my apartment (as is often the case in the knowledge economy). I did not protest the presence of extra people in my space, even though they sometimes fought loudly and worked at their computers all night... I grew to love them for their interesting conversation and their kindness to me. I think they loved me for my wisdom and patience. They even allowed me to sleep on the warm fax machine sometimes.
Many years have passed since then. I still live with Tatiana, but the Market Agency has grown into a big company with its own office. I am still considered one of the founders. I am very proud of my colleagues and I believe in their success. Let me introduce each one of these creative souls in turn.

Andrei is the CEO of the Market Agency, which he founded in 1998. He graduated cum laude from Moscow State Open University with a degree in organizational management and participated in training in the United States on the Productivity Enhancement Program for marketing directors organized by the Center for Citizen Initiatives.
Andrei is always in good shape because he loves free diving, wind surfing, kick boxing, tennis, skiing and biking. His fitness regime is good for his health, his business and his relationships with employees.

Alexei rose in the ranks from manager to executive director of the Market Agency. He is also a commercial real estate consultant. He has published many articles and is often quoted in the press as an expert.
Alexei is very dynamic. He can drop everything and fly off for a business trip on the spur of the moment. He loves cars, but you can sometimes see him rollerblading, too.

Tatiana is Deputy CEO for Research and a co-founder of the Market Agency. She is the author of over 50 publications in academic and professional journals. Tatiana is a business trainer in marketing and is certified by the British Council. Marketing and Management magazine named her one of the top marketing trainers in 2007. It would be hard to find something Tatiana can’t do: she’s a workaholic in the best sense of the word. She’s also a surprisingly charming person (and a good cook). Tatiana is very respectful of those around her. She loves animals, especially cats.

Natalia was invited to joint the Market Agency when she was a promising student of management. She has been with the agency from the outset. Today she is Deputy CEO for Management. Natalia is strict and demanding, but she’s never boring or dry. Natalia is very romantic and in love with life. You can often find her out and about with her camera trying to get the perfect picture of something unusual or beautiful.  

Olga is Assistant to the CEO for Global Business. She underwent training as part of a program to prepare business consultants for small and medium-sized businesses (New Delhi, India). Olga is also head of the in-house translation bureau. While she is serious and reliable enough to handle state secrets, her smile has the power to charm anyone and diffuse any difficult situation.

Maria went from being one of many market researchers to being Head of Research Department. She has participated in over 100 projects for the agency, 30 of which she personally led as project manager. Maria enjoys fitness and gardening. She is every bit as successful in her personal life as she is at work. Her dream is to spend New Year’s in Australia.

Tatiana freelanced with the company almost from its founding, and in 2003 she joined the Market Agency team once and for all. She is Head of Field Studies, one of the most complicated parts of the agency’s life. Tatiana is optimistic and enjoys life with an excellent sense of humor. She is the life of any party. You can take her with you on any job – she adapts quickly to new surroundings and never lets people down when the going gets tough.

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