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Can clients participate in quality control?

Yes, clients can participate in quality control of specific study steps.

For a number of reasons, however, we recommend that clients not participate in monitoring during respondent surveys. Even though our interviewers carry official ID, respondents in at-home and street interviews may be nervous if they are approached by two strangers at the same time. When respondents feel uneasy, they become less invested in the process and are more likely to give cursory answers, affecting the quality of the survey.

Client representatives are welcome to monitor the following activities first-hand:
· Observations
· Measuring transport and foot traffic
· Focus groups
· Hall tests

We also offer project implantation as an exclusive way for the client’s representatives to participate in quality control.

Project implantation gives client employees the opportunity (should they wish) to participate in every stage of the research project. They can take part in study development and discussion of study tools, participate in tool testing, and be present for surveys, in-depth interviews and focus groups. Project implantation can also be combined with coaching, with the client representative participating in the study as a market researcher and the coach (the project leader) offering consultations on “what we’re doing and the right way to do it.” Coaching is beneficial because the client’s employee learns and receives advanced training while working on the study. With this technique, we can sharpen an inexperienced market researcher in just six to eight weeks and teach him/her how to plan and carry out research studies.
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