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What are the phases of a marketing study?

Every project we do is unique and answers a unique set of questions. However, the structure of how we perform marketing studies is usually the same.

A comprehensive marketing study usually includes the following steps:

1. You have decided to work with the Market Agency and are prepared to negotiate terms
2. We discuss the goals and tasks for your study
3. After negotiation, the Market Agency’s specialists draw up the technical specification
4. Based on our contract with you, we write a project description outlining our cooperation over the course of the project: who does what tasks, what the deadlines are, and what people will need to communicate with each other
5. Market Agency specialists perform marketing research as described by the technical specification (desk study, field research)
6. Quality control is ongoing throughout the project’s lifespan. We monitor our partners and their employees, and the client may choose to participate in monitoring specific processes
7. We analyze the data collected and develop an analytical report
8. We present the study results and offer recommendations on using the data
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