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What are the advantages of marketing outsourcing?

The key advantage of marketing outsourcing is that you gain access to qualified marketing experts, proven business processes, technological know-how and significant practical experience.

Companies usually outsource the following marketing functions:

1. Market research and analysis get outsourced to specialist research organizations, occasionally to consulting companies
2. Branding gets outsourced to branding or advertising agencies, sometimes to consulting companies
3. New product development (as a rule, companies only outsource part of the process, usually the design work) can be outsourced to a number of types of outsourcing companies
4. Strategic planning (strategic analysis of the external and internal marketing environments, strategy development) gets outsourced to consulting companies
5. Marketing communications, especial mass communications (planning and implementing advertising and promotion campaigns, PR) get outsourced to advertising agencies, as well as DM and BTL companies
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