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Feeling the recession breathing down your neck? Worried about conducting marketing as usual without any guidance on what your company needs to do in the middle of a systemic global economic crisis? The Russian economy is facing a unique threat that has the potential to bankrupt up to 70% of domestic businesses. At extreme times like these, the faster you develop your anti-crisis strategy, the more likely it is that your business will pull through and even flourish. That’s right – you may find that the crisis gives you an opportunity to make serious advances in the post-crisis environment.

Anti-Crisis Marketing 

Marketing is one of the few tools you have to react effectively during a time of crisis. The worst decision some managers make is to drastically cut back on marketing departments and budgets and hope that somehow things will work out… Now more than ever, you need an objective outlook on your company and your market. The Market Agency has developed anti-crisis consulting packages targeted specifically at helping Russian businesses overcome the crisis. Our experts have created a set of methods that can help any company find an optimal anti-crisis marketing strategy. Our consulting packages are focused specifically on your market and the problems you are facing right now. Because we are so focused, we are able to offer you a highly effective project at a very competitive cost. We have solutions for every budget, and we even offer express consulting (read “first aid for your business!”).

Welcome, Friends!

We’re working to make our site a convenient tool you can use. Because the site will continue to grow we decided to put together a visitor’s guide to help you find the information you need as quickly as possible. The library is full of useful resources for marketing professionals and anyone else interested in market research. Visit the Library to read our publications, look up a marketing term in our marketing dictionary, or get directed to books that can help you battle the downturn (anti-crisis reading list). The Library is also home to our new industry news archive, where we track the most interesting marketing events in the fishing and IT industries. New industries are coming soon. The FAQ section contains answers to questions like: How much does a marketing study cost? How are marketing studies performed? and How do you control study quality? Click on services for a detailed list of our key services. In the anti-crisis marketing section you'll find a description of the special marketing packages we’ve put together to help you beat the crisis. Marketing studies for commercial real estate is our tool for managing risks and making strategic and tactical decisions during construction, operations and reconcepting of commercial real estate properties. In the B2B and B2C marketing studies sections we explain the typical challenges faced by companies in these sectors. If you don’t find your challenge listed here, or if you are looking for a consultant who uses methods not described here, don’t hesitate to contact our specialists. We believe that there’s no such thing as an impossible task. Click on marketing audit to learn more about how an audit can help your business or to perform an express audit of your company’s marketing efforts. We feel that mystery shopping is a uniquely useful tool because you can use it both to assess the quality of service you provide your customers and to study your competition. You might be surprised to learn that we also perform sociological studies, but these are the same core skills we bring to market research. Business planning and business plan feasibility studies are closely related, but we offer them as separate services. Some clients ask us to help adapt an existing business plan to a changing or regional market or evaluate the adequacy of planned sales volumes and marketing and advertising budgets. Those types of tasks fall under business plan feasibility studies. On the other hand, if you need us to develop a feasibility study or business plan from the ground up, we are ready to provide valuable assistance. Marketing feasibility for your brand is targeted at minimizing marketing risks and involves an objective marketing study to evaluate the market potential and find a niche for a new branded product. Valuing intangible assets helps you understand what intangible assets are, why they need to be valued and what valuation methods are available. Visit marketing services for IT companies to learn about ways to hear your consumers and develop effective marketing for your software and services. Stop by about us and clients to learn everything there is to know about who we are. We are always ready to communicate with you, so click over and contact us! We wish you all the best for your business.
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