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How does a valuation of intangible marketing assets work?

The method used for valuation depends on the type of intangible asset being valued and can be based on marketing audit methods or field studies (consumer and expert interviews, focus groups).
For example, when we value a brand we use:

  • Brand Evaluation – based on the results of marketing studies of the branded product’s consumers (familiarity, consumption and loyalty). This method is used to evaluate brand value, consumer loyalty, image (surveys of consumers, experts, dealers); we also use combined methods (Brand Evaluation + Premium Profit, Economic Value Added).
  • Brand Valuation – based on evaluations of the company’s financial indicators; for example, the Future Earnings method identifies the portion of current or projected earnings that is generated by intangible assets. The Excess Earning method allows us to evaluate how a company’s earnings will grow if it continues its branding efforts for specific brands, given the average lifespan of products in the given category.
  • The Expert Valuation method gives a comprehensive valuation for intangible assets. For example, when valuing a brand, expert valuation is applied to a number of indicators: brand market share, stability of market indicators for the brand and for the whole product category, brand internationality, market trends, advertising support for the brand, and other factors.
  • Comprehensive analysis of company operations, including elements of financial analysis and management audit.
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