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Studying the social and political situation in Moscow before parliamentary elections
Period: September - October 2007

Survey of civil servants and entrepreneurs targeted at ascertaining attitudes toward the problem of corruption in Russia
Period: March 2005

Sociological study of residents of Krasnoyarsk Krai on election campaign issues
Period: August 2002

Sociological study of campaign issues in the Taimir Autonomous Region
Period: November 14 - January 21 2001

Evaluation of the social, economic and political situation in the Republic of Komi before the election of a new leader for the republic
Period: August 17 - November 18 2001

Sociological study of residents of the European part of Russia
Period: June 21 - June 27 2001

Sociological study of Kolomna residents before the presidential election on March 26, 2000
Period: March 18 - March 19 2000

Monitoring public opinion (sociological study) of residents of Moscow and the Moscow Oblast before the election of Duma representatives; total sample – 21,000 respondents
Period: November 1999

Kolomna City Administration – monitoring the election situation in Kolomna, in particular with respect to the election of the head of the local administration.
Period: November 8 - 20, 1999


Measuring public opinion (sociological study) before the election of Duma representatives; total sample – 14,000 respondents in 12 regions in the European part of Russia
Period: September 1999

Study of households in the Moscow Oblast on altering family budgets in the context of the crisis
Period: February - March 1999

Sociological study (survey of residents of Serpukhov and the Serpukhov Region) on regional issues
Period: September 1998

Sociological study of the city of Serpukhov and the Serpukhov Region targeted at ascertaining residents’ attitudes toward the possibility of a merger between the city and the region, resulting in a unified region led by a single administration
Period: September 6 - 11, 1998

Kolomna Regional Administration – study targeted at ascertaining Kolomna and Kolomensky Region residents’ attitudes toward the possible construction of a large oil refinery near the village of Semyonovskoye
Period: August 18 - 26, 1998


Kolomna City Administration – defining a list of social problems and their importance in the Kolychevo region; evaluating the overall sociological situation in the Kolychevo region, residents’ disposition; residents’ attitudes toward their region
Period: August 23 - 30, 1998

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