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Marketing Audit

A marketing system audit provides an objective assessment of a company’s external and internal marketing environments so that it can improve the performance of its entire marketing system.

What does a marketing audit involve?
A marketing system audit can be all-inclusive (auditing everything related in any way to marketing) or limited. A limited audit can assess the marketing elements you choose or those elements our consultants feel need the most work:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Specific marketing plan
  • Marketing subsystem (marketing studies and information, new product development, marketing planning and monitoring, etc.)
  • Specific marketing functions or business processes (for example, promotion campaign planning)
  • Product (brand) portfolio or a specific product or brand
  • Separate marketing division (by product, line or function)
  • Marketing management organizational charts
  • Marketing and sales personnel

When is a marketing audit appropriate?
How does a marketing audit work?
Where do auditors get the information for the audit?
How long does a marketing system audit take?

What do you receive at the end of a marketing system audit?

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