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Business planning

Business planning is the process of creating a document that provides the foundation for all of an organization’s business management decisions.

A business plan clearly presents information about a business to all interested parties, including potential partners, local government, investors, experts, etc.

Business plan format and structure

The Market Agency offers its clients turnkey solutions for feasibility studies and business plans. The development process includes the following phases:

1. Develop business plan structure based on the requirements of the target audience (potential investors, other interested parties); develop detailed list of information required to prepare the plan
2. Collect the necessary information, including market research studies
3. Draw up business plan
4. Present business plan to interested parties
5. Perform independent analysis of completed business plans.

The client may be involved to varying degrees in developing the business plan, from forming the business idea to providing complete data for drawing up the business plan.

The Market Agency can translate your business plans into German and English if you require.

We offer the following additional services for global clients:

  • Locate site for the planned business
  • Adapt business plan to the selected site
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