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Valuing intangible assets

What are intangible marketing assets?
Intangible assets are non-material resources that are a source of future profit for a company. Over the past twenty years, we have seen a strong trend of intangible assets accounting for an ever larger share of companies’ assets. According to global studies, at most western companies intangible assets make up 40-55% of total assets (compared to 20% at the end of the 1960s). Intangible assets account for 30-35% of the wealth of leading Russian companies.

Intangible assets include:
1. Market knowledge (collected information and knowledge, marketing studies, unique methods for studies, analysis, forecasting, etc.)
2. Company trademarks (registered industrial property, brands, a balanced product/brand portfolio)
3. Relationships with clients and consumer loyalty (CRM systems, effective loyalty programs, results of loyalty studies)
4. Company image (with consumers, the business community, the government)
5. Strategic relationships with partners in the distribution chain (conditions in the dealer/distributor chain, contribution to sales volume, formal chain development and management programs, etc.)
6. Formal marketing strategy (quality marketing plans, including strategic plans, quality business processes for marketing planning)
7. Effective business processes, standards and procedures for marketing control and evaluating marketing effectiveness

When is it appropriate to value intangible marketing assets?
What do you receive at the end of the project?
How does a valuation of intangible marketing assets work?
How long does it take to value intangible marketing assets?
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