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Research for B2C markets

Goal for B2C market research studies
Most of the time, the client has one main problem to solve: how to make its product or service the most popular with consumers.

We offer your company:

  • Segmentation of the wholesale and retail markets; development of consumer typologies
  • Target market segments and their parameters (number of consumers, volume, market potential, etc.); supply and demand in target market segments
  • Target consumer profile (social, demographic and psychological portrait of the target consumer)
  • Consumer needs and requirements with respect to product
  • Dominant models of consumer behavior
  • Consumer behavior (social and cultural norms of buying and consumption, situations of buying and consumption, norms of consumption, locations of consumption, selection factors, motives, expected benefits, etc.)
  • End consumer preferences on brand, product, type/kind, familiarity with products and manufacturers
  • Niches of unmet demand
  • End consumers’ pricing expectations

What can a B2C marketing study focus on?
Methods Used for Studies.

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